Be Innovative And Think Outside the Boxing News Flash! Get Rich, Innovate and Think Outside the Box

Are you in a rut or are you innovative and think outside the box? So many of us think that we need to stay with the same old thing all the time. But we are America. We are the masters of innovation. So why are you in a rut and not innovative and thinking outside the box.

I believe that America has succumbed to the thought of the time that we need a job in order to make an income. That’s very true and that used to be the case. Jobs aren’t readily available like they used to be. I remember when i graduated from high school in 1974 I had people coming to me asking me to work for them. This rarely happens anymore. Jobs have gone overseas to people with more skill and that will take less pay for the same job.

How do we get back to the innovative period that we had from about 1850 to about 1999. It’s simple; we become innovative and start thinking outside the box. มวยเด็ด789 Outside the box means we don’t think employee income all the time. We think of other kinds of income. We think other income streams like residual income.

Residual income is the best kind of income there is. It takes advantage of two things. Number one, you aren’t trading time for money. With employee income once you can no longer trade time for money, the money is gone. With residual income you make it once and it comes in again and again. It can pay your children and even your grandkids.

Second, it leverages other people’s talents. It’s called the compound effect. When you work for someone they steal you talent and you make little money on it. Many people who invent things within a company have to give the company the entire patent rights and money from the invention. Residual income allows you to leverage your talent and other people’s talent and make money on both. What a great way to make income.

There is one problem with residual income; it’s the training. You need two things to build residual income, training and attitude. If you can acquire both of those things you can succeed in any residual income environment. There are certain ways you can get the attitude. You can read books, listen to Cd’s on positive thinking. But the best way is to join Toastmasters. You gain confidence through giving speeches and being a leader.

We can also get the training we need by going to gurus of the industry to train you on how to do your business. This can cost a lot of money. You need someone that will train you within your network marketing company.

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