Our children Are Our Best Teachers – Part Two

There were many responses to an article previously published on the Secret Bank Blog entitled: “Our Children Are Our Best Teacher’s. ” Through the questions and comments received we felt our message was not fully understood. As a result we decided to give it another shot.

For the purpose of staying true to our teachings let me say that perhaps it was me that didn’t fully get what I was teaching in that article. I know that as i teach is as I learn and my world validates for me how clear I am with what I teach, as well as how unclear I may be in relation to my intent. If questions come up through my world/reflection, then ultimately it is me questioning me and my teachings. For this reason, we offer Part 2 – Our children are Our Best Teachers.

In the first article we said,

“Our children are our best teacher’s and, since all in our world are products of our very own mind, all in our world are our children. Those that appear in our acim teacher world through out our day are showing us what lies within us. As you are, is as your children/world is. All in our world is a mirror for us. “

To illustrate my point more clearly I would like to use the body – my body, your body… it matters not, as a method to illustrate that our children are our best teacher’s. In my understanding, the first descendant of the mind is my body. As i am, is as my body reflects.

A mind that is in fear inevitably will reflect a body with some sort of imbalance – whether it is overweight, sick or ailing slightly… imbalance will appear somewhere as the direct descendant of the mind that has dis-ease as it’s foundation. Fear, being the culprit, which manifests as some sort of malady in the body they will appear as offspring that are not congruent with love, peace and joy. For the purpose of this article we will call these maladies ‘wayward children’.

The sins of the father, that are often addressed in spiritual circles, could be better understood if we could grasp the concept that the entire world we see is actually the affect of the sins or more correctly, errors of the mother or female principle. In the perfect union of love, comes the out-manifestation or child of perfection. It is cause extending itself it’s love, and reflecting only the lovely.

Imbalance in the body comes from fear. The mother’s fear thoughts are her children. Fear gives birth to fear. The mother is in some sense of dis-ease and as she is, is as her body becomes. Fear becomes painful and her children appear wayward. The body becomes as the mother unbalanced. The mother’s pain becomes a witness to the fear that was once love, for the pure state of the Father and the Mother is Love.

Pain, what we will call the wayward child, feels separate from its mother and its father. It has gone astray. In pain, the child or body seeks to find what it feels it has lost. It seeks and seeks but does not find it’s mother’s love. Eventually the pain that comes from fear of being separate from its True Source becomes desperate and appears more unlike itself. Lost, it now appears as dis-ease and apparently not related to the mother’s love at all. The Wayward child or body of the mother becomes so desperate that it will do almost anything to reunite with the mother and the father’s love.

Pain, being it’s only hope for acknowledgment, becomes it’s expression. The body or child of the mother will remain unhealed until the pain is unbearable and awakens the mother’s love. When that occurs she becomes conscious and sees the child for who he is – her son. She then takes steps towards reuniting with the child in peace and unconditional love making right what was wronged in her very own mind. She sees him as a thought she gave birth to, frightened and lost and in need of her attention, her encouragement and her love.

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