Fish game boards and fish game boxes are subject to wear and tear due to a variety of reasons, including oils from human hands and moisture in the air. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how to keep your fish game board and box in top condition. Continue reading to discover more advice!

Cleaning advice for your fish game box and fish game board

If you want to keep your fish game in top shape, you must take care of your board and box, two crucial pieces of equipment. Here are some cleaning suggestions for them:

The surface of your fish game board and box should be dusted with a gentle cloth or brush.

Use a gentle cleaning solution to get rid of any lingering dirt or grime accumulation.

Before putting your fish game board and box away, make sure the surface is totally dry.

How to store it?

First, keep your game board in a dry, cool location at all times. The playing surface and the wood might be harmed by heat and humidity.

Second, keep your game board away from the sun. UV rays from the sun can deteriorate the polish and degrade the wood.

Third, promptly dry your gaming board if it becomes damp. Wood may swell and twist as a result of water. If at all possible, let your gaming board dry thoroughly on a towel or other absorbent surface.

Last but not least, regularly check your game box for wear and tear or damage. If your fish game board or box develops any cracks or other damage, have them replaced right away.

You can ensure that your fish game board stays in pristine shape for many years by adhering to these easy suggestions.


We sincerely hope you found our advice on maintaining the board and box of your fish game helpful. Visit Lux-game’s website to see their high-quality boards, which are made to last for many years if you’re seeking a new fish game board and fish game box.

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