Different Flooring Types and Cleaning Methods

The interior of any house or building is like a landscape with many aesthetic and essential dimensions. The owner’s taste and budget will determine the final outcome. It is easy to select from the many options available in terms of type, color and type of flooring. The most important aspect of any interior space is its flooring. Every type of flooring requires a different cleaning method. Cleaning agencies that are the best should use the best methods to clean each type of floor. There are four main types of flooring: concrete, tile, wood, and carpet.


Carpets are a very popular flooring option. They can be made from any type of fiber, including silk or nylon. Carpet cleaning is now easier than ever thanks to the wide range of products on the market. You can clean carpets by simply vacuuming them or washing them with carpet shampoos, carpet spot removers, and carpet pre-sprays. Carpets can be either dry cleaned or steam cleaned depending on their fiber. The steam cleaning process loosens dirt and grime without affecting the fiber quality. Dan Dan, the Carpet Man can restore dull tiles and bring them back into life with professional tile cleaning.


  • Because of the water-use, tile flooring is great for areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Ceramic tiles are most commonly made from tile. The grout is applied at the edges of tiles. This is where most try this dirt and stains collect. Also, corners of tiled floors can be a problem. The floor tile cleaner should be strong enough for removing all stains from a kitchen or bathroom floor. Tile floors are much easier to clean than carpets. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain or quarry tiles. They are porous and can collect dirt over time. Professional cleaners should use penetrating cleaning agents in their cleaning chemicals.


Concrete flooring is an eco-friendly option to tile and carpet flooring. Concrete flooring is durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Concrete flooring can be modified easily.

Concrete floors are very easy to clean, but it can be difficult to repair them. The floor can be cleaned by sweeping it and then mopping with a damp mop. For occasional intensive cleaning, it is better to use pH neutral chemicals.

Wood Flooring

One of the most beautiful flooring options is wood flooring. You can choose from both hardwood and softwood types. The floor polisher alone is not enough to make floors shine. Regular cleaning is also important in order to keep them clean and stain-free. Wood floors are most vulnerable to water. Instead of using a dripping mop, a damp mop is better. Wooden floors should be cleaned with a floor cleaner that isn’t alkaline. Cleaning tools that won’t damage the wood flooring’s finish should be used. Wooden floorings can be easily cleaned and will look new for a long period of time.

Any cleaning agency will be more successful if they are able to clean all types of floors. This service is only possible by using quality products and employing experienced cleaners. Cleaning companies must be sensitive to customer needs in order to provide services that meet their customers’ expectations.

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