Different types of PVC Pipes With its Specifications And Uses

Poly vinyl chloride known as PVC is a strong, hard and light weight material being used to manufacture from small daily use items to huge tanks, pots, fitting articles, and most commonly the PVC pipes. Clear PVC Pipes The pipes are available in many types like duct pipes, suction pipes, PVC raiser/drop pipes and various types of tubing etc. They are made in various qualities for various purposes. They are weather proof, heat Resistant, durable and rust free so they are required for comparatively permanent needs like water supply.

PVC Riser pipes are made of Polyvinyl chloride but really they are the plastic and Vinyl made tunnels most commonly used to prepare a hollow column or a safe tunnel for passing anything safely through it. They are generally used for water supply, for passing electric wires, in sewer lines and for drainage. PVC Column Pipes, as the name suggests, are most commonly used as riser pipes. For this purpose they are used in for of underground pipe lines as well as open line. PVC is a material which is rust free, semi flexible and Long lasting. It is also light weight so PVC riser/drop pipes are being used for more and more purposes in daily use. They are available in various measurements. The pipes with large diameter are made with thick walls while those with a short diameter are available in thin walls. Besides this if they are to be used for less important purposes they are made of comparatively lower quality as per the buyer’s requirement while they are being made with good quality material if they are demanded for more important purposes. As per the use, they are classified as PVC water pipes, plumbing pipe and sewer pipes etc. Most commonly they are used for water supply.

But the best quality of PVC pipes are known as column pipes. They are available in 10 to 20 feet length only. They are all equipped with preferable fitting preparations like best type of threads, like square threads to provide a tightened leak proof fitting. On one hand there is a built in socket with threads and on the other side there are open threads at the end. So no need to purchase sockets separately. On the socket side inner rubber ring is there to ensure not a drop leakage after tightening them. In the same way there is an outer rubber ring on the open thread end. Column pipes are used for comparatively permanent type purposes like water drawing pumps, permanent water supply and irrigation.

So far as the quality of PVC column pipes is concerned they are made of best material using plastic + PVC. The surface is smooth on both sides – inner and outer side. So they are resistant to bacterial contamination. They are made of PRO technology and are best to use for submersible pumps as well forming the bore well of tube-well purpose. That is why the most quantity of column pipe is being demanded for the water lifting pumps only. Quality material and smooth surface ensures no galvanizing and electrolytic effects. The manufacturers are also eager to provide the full satisfaction and full money utility to the buyers.

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