How to get started in Sim Racing

The world of sim racing has seen a significant rise in popularity over the last few years. Particular, as a result of the Coronavirus, many real-world motorsport events were unable to run and drivers were now turning to Sim Racing as a means of development, practice, and sport.

It is no secret that all of the F1 teams rely on dedicated simulators to hone and improve both driver performance and vehicle setups, albeit on much more advanced systems than we have available within our homes. best iracing monitor This being said, the sophistication and development of sim rigs for the consumer market has been huge.

Now that you have seen the popularity of sim racing grow, you’ve decided you want a piece of the action. Unfortunately, getting started in sim racing can seem a daunting prospect. With literally thousands of possible setups, platforms and championships to take part in, where do you start?

Within this article, Driver61 aims to give you the best “guide to starting in sim racing”. With advice on where you should be investing your time and money, and how to make those first steps to virutal track success.

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