Laser Eye Surgical Treatment – Gains As well as Pitfalls

Lasik surgery is similar to any other type of surgery in that it carries some benefits as well as some problems for the individual concerned. The majority of laser eye surgeons typically profess that the individual’s risk is incredibly small in relation to having any sort of major impediments, but these risks should still warrant some concern, because we are dealing with your vision here.

The fact is that not everyone who undergoes this kind of eye operation will have their vision corrected – something which countless Lasek surgical procedure patients do not realize. This is due to the most frequent laser procedures problem, which is simply the failure to correct an individual’s vision. It’s not abnormal for a person to need to have a second laser eye surgery. Most often, patients are not informed about this at the time of their first laser eye procedure.

Anytime it comes to having surgery on an individual’s eyes, it should never be taken too lightly. Regardless, of how many operations the surgeon says they have performed in the past, eye surgery is still a serious operation and the laser procedure has not been around all that long. Being able to locate a medical expert you can trust is vital. oculoplastica milano

Apart from the standard Lasik eye operation that most surgeons perform, three other options are available to individuals known as the Custom Vue Lasik, the conventional IntraLasik, and the Custom Vue IntraLasik. The Custom Vue Lasik uses Waterfront software to guide the laser in reshaping the cornea. The conventional IntraLasik uses a femto-second Intralase laser on the cornea flap to cut a thinner flap instead of a metal blade. The Custom Vue IntraLasik combines the best of both and is the best laser eye surgery currently available as well as the most expensive.

On the other hand, within the united states alone, there have been millions of successful laser eye surgeries. Individuals need to select an experienced surgeon, but older does not mean better, because laser eye surgery has only been around a short while. Select a facility that will allow consultations with the surgeon prior to the procedure. This type of procedure does not require any stitches, patches, or hospitalization and patients are able to go home within an hour.

Possible surgical complications that have been reported include patients experiencing what they call a halo vision, their eyes feeling dry, and having blurred night vision. Some patients have even felt that their vision was a lot worse than it was before they had the operation preformed. Much more serious complications, which have occurred, include the corneal becoming damaged and total loss of vision.

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