Optimize Productivity with a Camlock Ball Valve

Union Metal as one of leading and experienced ball valve manufacurer, its camlock ball valves are a reliable solution to common problems including leaking tubes and broken valves. To learn more about these gadgets and why they’re superior, please continue reading.

Camlock Ball Valve, Explain

The manufacturing and processing sectors make extensive use of camlock ball valves. As they are used so regularly to regulate the flow of fluids and gases, their quality is vital. The design has many benefits over competing valves, the most notable of which are its durability and lack of interference. Due to its user-friendliness, the ball valve may replace many other types of valves.

The principle behind the camlock ball valve is that it employs two sets of balls, one within the valve body and the other outside. When the pressure within the valve rises, the internal ball will move closer to create a seal. This might block the flow of liquid or gas via the valve.

Camlock vs Other Types, Compare

Because of its redundant function and overall design, Cam Locke ball valves are often more dependable than other valve types.

Because of the ball valve’s small shape, there is little chance of interference from outside objects. They are simple to use and maintain.


It is your responsibility as a company owner to ensure that your product is of the greatest quality. In order to guarantee this, the cam lock valve is used throughout manufacture. It’s possible that camlock ball valves may boost output and efficiency as well. Consider making an immediate investment in Union Metal, for instance, if you are looking to improve your organization’s quality assurance measures and wants to try out the best product made by years of history of ball valve manufacurer–Union Mental.

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