Spa Salon Marketing – 4 Core Marketing Principles That will Turn Marketing Failure Into Success

The most important thing to understand is that promotion campaign has to be designed for clients not for salon owners. And certainly, it has to attract them be speaking the language of clients which means, by implementing the right promotion strategy that fits the clients’ income level and attracts them by offering what they want. That is why many salon owners have to precisely understand who the target market is and how the clients can be excited into action.

It is not a secret that the best ideas for marketing campaigns are those that have already been implemented. If they worked in the past, they will work in the 수원룸싸롱 future as marketing is like ageless wisdom, doing the same things in new different ways. However, those ideas must remain fresh that translates as the concept is remained but the message changes.

Birthday letters, cards or notes can be successfully utilized for salon promotion campaign. They can take lots of different forms and shades or colours. They can be handwritten or beautifully printed or send electronically via e-mail. The most important thing to understand that marketing is all about matching and therefore, birthday letters, cards or notes must match the salon’s image.

So, the concept is remained but what changes is the message

The message has to be short, simple and catchy highlighting the benefits the client will get by purchasing the salon services. The message should emphasize the reason of this campaign such as Mothers' Day' or Birthday and then, the way to stand out is in thelook’ or discount or the offer that the salon owners give as a gift.

It is advised to set up a system that makes it easy to manage and sent those postcards two days before the beginning of the birthday month. Post or e-mail are preferred ways to send as the first one gives a feeling of personal attention or surprise and the second is very cost – efficient. You can do up a fantastic looking graphic and the cost of sending is very small.

The salon owners need to utilize birthday letters, cards on routine basis. But the look' andoffer’ should be changed every year. It is advised to keep offers so to be able to utilize them again after certain period of time or be aware of them aiming not to repeat the offer and fail.

The gift or the salon’s offer does not need to cost a lot but need to mean a lot. One of the greatest examples of creating brand loyalty is to provide free treatments for clients or a gift card. This is important as it serves as relationship building with your clients.

As it was mentioned earlier, it is important to create a marketing plan for the salon and keep it in the marketing folder along with the samples of previous campaigns. This will be of significant help when the next promotion is required. The salon owners can also add a future newsletter or a promotion idea when they get a new one at anytime. In this case, consistency is what makes us a winner. By not writing it down, the salon owners are likely to forget their idea and not having it when is required.

Newsletter content must be really good mix of news and interesting items as well as the salon’s current promotions. Sometimes the salon owners confuse newsletters with advertising, so, they end up failing in its promotion as they end up not translating new and current propositions into benefits but simply write it in the form of add. This creates not only failure of promotion but also damages its salon’s image. So, newsletters need to be newsletters.

PLEASE NOTE: It is strongly recommended to get the salon’s image from the graphic experts. Many salon owners try to do it themselves and once again fail in its promotion campaign as they cheapen on quality of paper and graphic design and end up damaging its brand image. Clients start thinking that the company is not doing well and poorly respond to such campaign.

However, the cost of printing and mailing this type of marketing is high, therefore, the work has to be done thoroughly and well in advance the campaign is planned to be undertaken. The salon’s database must be up-to-date so you can effectively e-mail your newsletters.

PLEASE NOTE: It is more important to keep loyal customers satisfied than create new ones. So, keeping loyal clients is a number one priority for promotion campaigns as it easier to attract those who have an experience of the services rather than those who have been loyal to other salons.

It is recommended to set up a system for e-mailing (DM) at the point of 3 to 4 months if not returning. During the month of June you would go back to 3-4months and any client who visited the salon in January and February and has not returned would receive an invitation to re-visit the salon.

The front window is a frontier of sales as it creates a first and the most important impression. It is advised to use the front window for current promotion campaigns and its messages. To do this, the salon owner needs to create the salon roster that has to be changed every six weeks. This time frame keeps the window fresh and interesting for people who regularly walk by. Imagine that this is way of `talking’ to clients and prospective clients.

Building relationships with your client is vital.

This is the most important area of all. Best of all it costs absolutely nothing extra. The salon owner and hairdressers should talk to the clients. Thus, it is essential to create a benefits scheme that will be of benefit for all, a client, a salon owner and a hairdresser. It is also important to explain the hairdressers that they are working independently for themselves and therefore, their profit depends directly on their sales. Empowerment is always a great source for staff motivation that leads to increased sales. However, to get this right requires some effort and training.

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