Why Counting Calories Does not work

After walking through Sydney Central Station tunnel to meet my friend with David Gillespie’s book in hand, I was blown away by how many people had some form of diet soda in their hands. I’m quietly thinking to myself: Are they drinking it because they think it’s healthy? Seeing my friend make the switch to diet sodas because they are ‘zero’ calorie got me thinking it’s very possible that they do.

It was good to see my friend had stopped the diet sodas after my last work. coq10 turmeric As he sat there drinking his herbal tea he started picking my brains about calorie consumption. The serendipity of me thinking about counting calories and my mate quizzing me was too coincidental.

After his ‘diet’ soda incident and aspartame he began to realize not all was as it seemed in the world of weight loss and calories.


The first thing I wanted to get straight in my friends mind was this. If you use the word ‘diet’, DO NOT think of it in terms of restriction. I know too many people who seem to be on some kind of ‘diet’ consistently, and their body shape never changes!

If you are on a ‘diet’, it will feel like somebody has gone and strapped a two foot chain around your ankle with a dirty 10kg cheeseburger on the end of it! The more you run the more it will follow you and weigh you down until you scoff the lot.

I then went on to explain to my friend:

a) You must think of the word ‘diet’ as in terms of I eat these foods in my daily ‘diet’ etc… Make sense?

b) Then think of your body as a car. Are you driving a high performance sports car that you throw around at high speed constantly, or are you commuting in a Citroen that barely gets above 40kmh and is parked in the garage for most of the day? The more demands you put on it, the more fuel it will require.

c) Are you putting in high quality fuel to get you through the day, or are you filling your tank with cheap and nasty stuff? Will your car be blowing smoke or purring smoothly? If your car is coughing and spluttering and struggling to get around, it’s only a matter of time before it’s going to need a service! Regardless of how much fuel we need, the better the fuel, the better it runs.

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